Neatstudio architettura and design is the natural prosecution of the professional activity of Giorgio Cerrai, an architect based in Florence, in Tuscany, mainly active in the residential and tourist sectors as well as in the design. He began his activity in 1990 and, since then, he has worked with other colleagues some of whom became his partners. In 1996 he began collaborating with Fabio Barluzzi, and they founded Z-AX architects in 2003. In 2014 he creates Oustudio with Cristina Razzanelli.

Neatstudio was born in 2016, still in Florence, with the aim to learn from these collaborations experiences matured over the years and to start an individual season of architectural in-depth analysis. Following are some of the landmarks of Neatstudio: quality of the final result, harmony between the individual components of the project, harmony with the landscape or the urban context. Neatstudio is always travelling – physically and metaphorically – towards new experimentation chances.